Well, hello there! I’m Kale Lawrence, nice to meet’cha.

You probably haven’t heard of me yet and that’s just fine. I’ll make this super easy on you:

  • I am in love with anything Steampunk (Like, not even kidding. I’ll see a gear and flip the freak out.)
  • I have an addiction to Star Wars: Rebels, Caribou Coffee, HGTV, and free stuff.
  • I have a beautiful tortoiseshell calico kitty named Emma (Why, yes I did name her after my favorite Emmas: Watson, Stone and Swan.)
  • Oh, and I write books. You’ll find them in the Young Adult/Science Fiction/Adventure section.

While I’m not entirely new to the writing scene–I’ve freelanced for years, worked in broadcasting and currently lend my skills to the marketing field–I’m in the process of publishing my first YA series. Take it easy on me, will ya? 😉

Now it’s your turn! Follow me on Twitter @KaleWrites and Instagram at @kalelawrence or drop a line on my Facebook page.

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