The Adventure Begins Next Month!

Okay, friends, so here’s the dealio:

While I’m technically finished with rewrites, edits are taking longer than I predicted. However, I learned my lesson with the 2011 publication of Alex in Wunderstrande. Not only was the first release incredibly hasty, but more importantly, the story line was not as fleshed out as it should’ve been. That was the ultimate factor that pushed me in the direction of rewrites in the first place.

So, needless to say, I’m taking my time this time around, which means I may require a couple more weeks to make it absolutely perfect for you guys. (But, can we all agree that the cover is totally 1,234,567,890% more epic?)

I’m still planning on having the online release party on May 13, but at this time, the actual book release will be Memorial Day Weekend. (So, it corresponds with the new Alice in Wonderland movie, ironically enough. :P)

Thanks for your patience and support as I complete this project once and for all!




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