It seems that news doesn’t come as a single serving anymore…instead, it’s flavored with a pinch of good and a dash of bad.

Let’s start with the unappetizing news first, shall we? (I promise, it’s not really that bad.) When it comes to deadlines for writers with full-time jobs and commitments, publishing dates often get moved. Many times. Unfortunately, I had to delay the release date for Alex in Wunderstrande: The Clairvoyance Clock again, so we’re sitting at Friday, May 13 for the official release. I’m sorry. I really am. I just want this edition to be the best one, because it’s the last chance I’m going to get.

Okay, now dessert, as promised. The good news is that I have set a tentative date for my first young adult horror novel, Empathetic, for Halloween 2016There’s not much in the way of details yet, but I can tell you it is based around Empaths (learn more about that here) and set in the Hoia Baciu forest in Romania. I’m so excited to try my hand at a new genre, something so incredibly different than what I’ve been writing for the past decade.


Until next time!

KL xxx

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