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Linda Lowery, author of Murder in the Library.

Midwest author Linda Lowery is no stranger to libraries. In fact, she has more than four decades overflowing with experiences, delightful anecdotes and attention-grabbing stories that have culminated in her first self-published mystery novel, Murder in the Library.

I had the opportunity to ask Linda a few questions about her latest creative venture:

Kale: How would you describe your book to those who haven’t read it yet? 

Linda: Murder in the Library is of the genre ‘cozy mystery’ (subgenre of crime fiction, read more about that here) Larissa Lou Rue is a librarian dealing with all kinds of library problems. Everthing from raging tornadoes, a killer or two, rabid quilting ladies and a ghostie who haunts the grounds of the old insane asylum that is now the local library is considered ‘all other duties as assigned.’ This is a collection of three library mysteries that all merge into one fun story.

Kale: What inspired you to write a book set in a library?

Linda: I have worked in libraries for over forty years and continue to do so. I love the library setting and the great people murder-in-the-library-coverwho work there and visit there. I began writing these stories because every Saturday morning, I would write a Facebook status update about how I had scared myself silly in the dark library. There were several ghost stories shared by staff members, so there was a possibility, but more likely it was my own shadow doing the ‘spooking.’  In my status, I would tell my children and friends that I was there alone and if they didn’t hear from me to look for my cold dead body in the stacks. People enjoyed my updates and if I failed to write one, the messages began. When I decided to start writing for fun, it was with those updates in mind. I’ve always loved mysteries and a bit of the paranormal so for me, combining those elements was the way to go.  And what better setting than a library?

Kale: Many of authors have a “playlist” for their books. Is there one particular song that fits with your book or one that you listened to while writing it? 

Linda: The only music I listen to when writing is ‘Fairy Music’: Fairy Nightsongs, Fairy Lullabies and Fairy Heart Songs, all by Gary Stadler. Mostly instrumental and very sweet and flowing.  If I listen to songs with words, I sing.  Although, Larissa, my character, does listen to Eminem, Pink and The Who’s Pinball Wizard  is important to the story.

Kale: What’s one piece of advice you have for other indie authors trying to get their work out there?

Linda: Edit and edit and edit.  Do it yourself, beg a friend (or five) because small mistakes are so easy to miss.  Also, enjoy the process and the rewards.

Kale: What inspired you to take the independent publishing route rather than traditional publishing?

Linda: When I first finished the book it was just for me, a book on my bookshelf, but family and a few friends wanted to read it and besides, after all of the work, why not?  Luckily, I have a very tech-savvy friend who did all of the formatting and design and most of the editing. She is amazing at everything she does.

Kale: Anything else you’d like to add?

I went back to college and majored in English with a concentration in Creative Writing later in life, but NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was the motivating factor to finish this book. I also compiled family stories about bad cars from a college assignment to produce my second book, Roasting Marshmallows on the Manifold because: “Heaven shall be a bonfire of all of the cars that ever gave us trouble on Earth – and we shall roast marshmallows!”

Be sure to check out Linda’s author page and Facebook. Don’t forget to check out Murder in the Library.

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